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Cielos azules

Earn more than$3,000 MXN
for each membership personl sold.

Become zafer and trust like the largest companies in the world trustus

What is a zafe membership?

zafe offers its Users Security 24 hours a day, 365 days

of the year regardless of where they are or the type of emergency.


 At zafe we act quickly

in critical situations.


 We prevent

emergencies occur.


 The safety of our customers is our top priority

Cielos azules

Ensure Your Protection Being a zafer 
Earn great commissions and get yourFREE Membership!


Attractive Commissions


Free Membership


Make your community more safer

How can I sell zafe?

Join zafe in three simple steps

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Sign up

Complete the registration form.

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Registry Review

We will review your profile and contact you by email.

Icono3_Sign up_Zafe.png


If your profile is suitable, you will receive a notice to continue your process with one of our

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Become a safer today!
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