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  • What is zafe?
    zafe is a comprehensive security solution that gives you access to a team of expert advisors who take care of you and your loved ones at all times and places. It's services include: Immediate REACTION to risk situations. PROTECTION for everyday life. PREVENTION 365 days a year to reduce risks. All this in the palm of your hand, through a simple and friendly App.
  • What is zafe for?
    zafe App has many useful features that will make you feel more secure in your daily life. You will always be connected to your loved onces and will have 24/7 access to our services and our team of experts. For example: Request a Follow Me so that one of our zafe Agents can remotely monitor your journey or the journey of one of your Main Gropus until they arrive safely at their destination. Use My Groups to know the location of your group members in real time, define safe zones on the map (My zafe Zones), receive notifications when they arrive home or enter a dangerous area (Risk Zones)... And much more! Press S.O.S. if you feel unsafe, if you have an emergency or need help and receive professional assistance instantly, 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. Look for risk areas on the map to find the safest route. Get zafe Alerts to reinforce your security 24/7 and be aware of events that may represent risks to your safety, road emergencies or natural disasters, among others. Download the zafe App and discover a new ally in your life. ¡Subscribe Now!
  • What are the minimum requirements for the zafe App to work correctly on my cell phone?
    If you use iPhone: iOS 11, iPhone 6s, 300 MB free space. If you use Android: Android operating system 10.3 GB of RAM, 200 MB of free space. Always remember to have good cellular coverage as well as a plan with sufficient cellular data.
  • What permissions should I give the zafe App on my cell phone for it to work correctly?
    We recommend that you authorize zafe App to use: Location: It will be very important to enable your location to "always" so that we can be close to you when you need it most as well as use the various services that zafe offers. Camera and microphone: So that we can hear you when establishing a video call with our experts in case of emergency. Notifications: Keep them active to be aware of alerts, notices, emergencies or activities of your group members. Update in the background: So that zafe continues working even if the App is no open. You can modify this settings later, but keep in mind that it may affect the normal functioning of the App. We will never ask you for permissions or unnecessary information. The use you make of the App and the data you upload in it are completely confidential.
  • What should I do if I change my phone and don't want to continue using it?
    You must install the zafe App on the new phone and log in with your email and password. Don't forget to uninstall the App on your old phone.
  • What should I do with zafe App if my phone is lost or stolen?
    Please contact us and we'll advise you personally.
  • How can I contact the zafe team?
    You can tap the contact icon in the upper right corner of the zafe App or by contacting the zafe Command Center at +52 (55) 9302 1900.
  • What is it for?
    Press the S.O.S. Button. If you feel unsafe, have an emergency or need help, receive professional assistance instantly, 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. You will connect by live video call with one of our expert security agents, who will evaluate your situation and send the most appropriate support. It's important that you keep location, camera and microphone permissions enabled at all times. If you want to confirm that you are fine and can speak with freedom, or if it's an error, just say your zafe Word (you'll have chosen it previously). For you security, we will record the video call, save your location and send an alert to your Home Group.
  • How do I use the S.O.S. Button?
    Learn how to use it with the following tutorial.
  • How do I know that I am on a video call with a Zafe Agent?
    Don't worry! Only zafe Agents have access to the emergency response platform and will always appear following the applicable zafe protocols.
  • What should I do if I can't hold a video call?
    You can tap the camera icon to turn it off during the video call and keep the conversation audio-only. We recommend having your camera and microphone activated at all time to properly assess the situation.
  • What happens if I don't remember or confuse my "zafe Word"?
    If you indicate an incorrect zafe Word in the emergency protocol or for some reason cannot provide it, the zafe Agent will apply the corresponding protocol to ensure that you are safe and able to speak freely. It is possible that they will ask you for your zafe Alias and/or make a special assessment through a series of questions. If you also enter your zafe Alias incorrectly and/or the answers are not satisfactory, the Agent will immediately contact your emergency contacts and apply the corresponding protocol.
  • What kind of support will they send?
    The tupe of support our agents will send will depend on their evaluation of the situation via video call and the coverage to which you have access, according to your membership.
  • What is it for?
    You can request a Follow Me so that one of our zafe Agents monitors your journey or that of a member of your Main Group in real time remotely from the zafe Command Center, until they arrive safely at their destination or the accompaniment time runs out. We will call you at the beginning and end of the tour to make sure you're okay, and we will contact you if we detect a detour or anomaly during your accompaniment, in accordance with our safety protocols.
  • How it works?
    Learn how Follow Me works.
  • How is a deviation or risk detected during an origin-destination Accompany me service?
    When starting the service, the zafe Agent will ask for the route you will take and analyze possible alternatives. If it notices that you are going in a different direction than the possible scenarios, it will considerar a possible anomaly and contact you. The same applies in case you interrupt your tour and you have not mentioned it when starting the service (for example: that you must refuel or stop to buy groceries).
  • How do you know if I am at risk?
    Any unusual behavior during the tour on your accompanying time will be considered by default as possible risk situation and we will proceed according to zafe protocol to rule out or validate any type of emergency.
  • What are they for?
    Use My Groups to create or join new Groups. You'll allways have a Main Group and you can create up to 10 Temporary Groups. With My Groups you'll stay connected and safe 24/7 with your family, your friends or your co-workers... Whit whoever you want! You'll be able to know where they are, send them text messages, define your zafe Zones on the map, receive notifications when they arrive home or enter a Risk Zone... And much more! You can create your Main Group, join others, or create them via "My Groups" by clicking on the top bar of the App. The steps are the same!
  • How do I use My Groups?
    Learn how to use them with the following tutorial:
  • What is the difference between a Main Group and a Temporary Group?
    There are the main differences: Main Group: it's the only fixed group and the most important since there are all the members with whom you created your zafe membership. Your membership depends on it. Temporary Groups: they have a limited duration (between 1 and 24 hours) and you can create them with anyone, even with those who do not have access. They are ideal for occasional uses such as trip, a walk, a soccer gem, a concert, etc..
  • How do I create my Main Group and/or a Temporary Group?
    Learn how to create groups with this this tutorial. IMPORTAN: Keep in mind that the name you assign to the group will determine your Alias in zafe and that of the other members. For example: for the group "Family", each of the members will be named as "Family-01", "Family-02" and so on. You will not be able to modify this data later and your alias will be visible to the members of any group you join, so we advise you to give it an appropriate name.
  • How do I join a Main and/or Temporary Group?
    In order to join a Main and/or Temporary Group you have to be invited by the administrator. When I add you, you will receive an invitation link by email. Tap it to join. Finally, the administrator must accept you. And ready!
  • How can I stop sharing my location?
    You have tow options: If you want to stop sharing your location with a particular group simply leave it. If you want to stop sharing your location with all the groups you belong to, you can do so from the home screen, with the "Tracking: Live" option in "Stop" mode. Please note that this may affect the normal functioning of some zafe App services.
  • What is a user's location history?
    It's the list of a user's locations generated and registered from the use of the App. They allow you to know routes and key points of their historical locations.
  • Who can see my location history?
    Just you and your group members, if you have location enabled.
  • How can I check the location history of a user in one of my groups? Does it work for temporary groups?
    You can do it with My Groups option. First select the member you want to check and then the Map option. There you'll be able to check the period of time you want to view. This option works for all types of groups.
  • How long will be available my location history?
    Location history lasts for 48 hours.
  • How do I leave a group?
    The Leave option will appear in the group list.
  • How do I remove someone from a group?
    You can do it from the list of members of each group, using the option.
  • How many members can main or temporary groups have?
    Groups have a maximum of 10 members.
  • What information about me can members of my groups and/or temporary groups see?
    If you're the group administrator, you can configure what information members share, including you. If you're not, the information you share will depend on the settings defined by your administrator.
  • Could someone know my location without my permission?
    No, only members of your groups will be able to know your location, as long as you have activated the zafe App location permission.
  • What are they for?
    Use My zafe Zones to define your safe, known or frequent zones on the map, such as home, schools, school, work, etc.., and receive notifications when members of the selected groups enter or leave them.
  • How do I create a Zafe Zone?
    You can do it from the My zafe Zones list. Once there, press the + button to define a new area with a point on the map. You will be able to determine it's scope, define whether it is fixed or temporary (between 1 and 24 hours), choose what type of crossing the notifications will be sent to (entry, exit or both) and with which users you want to share it.
  • How do I edit My zafe Zones?
    You can edit ir from the My zafe Zones list. You just have to press it to see the details and then edit any parameter you want to modify, as long as you have permission to do so.
  • How do I delete a zafe Zone?
    You can do it from the zafe Zone configuration, as long as you have permission to do so.
  • What kind of notifications are sent to groups when a member enters or leaves a Safe Zone?
    They will receive a push notification depending on the type of event you have defined for the zafe Zone (entry, exit or both). You will also have a notification history available to consult the details of each crossing.
  • How do I activate or deactivate notifications for a Zafe Zone?
    You can edit the list of people who receive crossing notifications from the details of said zafe Zone, if you have permission to do so. Otherwise, you will have to ask whoever has it to do it for you.
  • Can I disable sending notifications to my group when I cross a Safe Zone?
    Yes, as long as you have the necessary permission.
  • What happens if my Zafe Zones overlap?
    In the event that the zafe Zones overlap, the notices will work individually and will indicate when you enter or leave each of them.
  • Can I create zafe Zone anywhere in the world?
    Yes, zafe app works worldwide.
  • What are they?
    They are areas delimited by our team of experts based on crime statistics and our own algorithms. We recommend avoiding them as much as possible, especially those with high and critical risk. IMPORTANT: At the moment, this service is only available in Mexico City. We will open new cities soon.
  • I can't see the risk areas on the map. Aid!
    Check that you have activated the display of Risk Zones on the Map screen. From there you can activate or deactivate it. IMPORTANT: At the moment, this service is only available in Mexico City. We will open new cities soon.
  • What are they?
    They are urgent notices or information about events that may put your safety at risk, so we recommend that you pay close attention to them. There are four types of alerts: Roads (traffic problems, closures in the circulation of streets and highways, etc..). Security or precaution (new criminal modalities, frequent crimes in certain areas, cybersecurity, etc..). Natural disasters and earthquakes. Caution (relevant security incidents in real time, avoid areas, etc..).
  • How are zafe Alerts sent?
    You will automatically receive them as a push notification in the zafe App, as long as you have them activated.
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